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Winter Water Damage Repair & Restoration in Minneapolis & St Paul

From Burst Pipes to Ice Dams, We Can Help.

Our Winter Water Damage Services Include:

  • Water Extraction & Dehumidification

  • Structural Dryout

  • Extensive Moisture Testing for Hidden Damage

  • Removing & Restoring All Damaged Contents

  • Removing & Replacing Damaged Flooring

  • Flooded Basement Dryouts

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Frozen Pipes and Leaks in Minneapolis, MN

Frozen Pipes

During a cold snap, frozen pipes will burst, spilling hundreds of gallons of water. We work with emergency plumbers to begin drying out your space while the repairs are taking place.

Flooded Basements

Heavy snow that melts too quickly will cause Boston-area basements and crawl spaces to flood. Prompt water extraction prevents future mold growth.

Ice Dams

Any excess moisture on your roof due to the buildup of ice or snow can reveal roof leaks. The melting snow and ice can travel into your walls, soaking the insulation and studs.