Home Repair Loans and Property Damage Restoration Financing

Just Us Construction & Restoration, Inc. prides itself on our excellent customer service, and we take the trust that you put in us very seriously. We do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied and that we answer any questions you have swiftly. Our craftsmen and technicians take pride in completing each job thoroughly and with the utmost care. You can rest easy knowing you are getting the very best in skill and service. Once the disaster is over and the mess is cleaned up, the restoration process can start, so call Just Us today!

We are proud to offer Minneapolis metro area residents flexible financing options to help you fund your dream remodel or to make it easier to afford an emergency repair project. Just Us has partnered with Hearth to help you find the financing options that best fit your needs. The pre-qualification is easy and fast, taking as little as 60 seconds.

  • Get pre-qualified in 60 seconds or less
  • Pre-qualification does not affect your credit score
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Receive your money in as little as 1 business day later
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Get the assistance you need to cover any project upgrades
Minneapolis Home Repair Loan, Minneapolis Property Restoration Loan

 How does it work? 

We Find the Financing That Best Matches Your Needs

Multiple financing options

Hearth works with 17 different lenders to find competitive personal loans and credit cards for your needs.

Simple pre-qualification

The process takes less than two minutes and will not affect your credit score.

Personalized options

Hearth's lending partners can provide multiple options tailored to your needs.

Monthly Payment Options

60-second pre-qualification. Does not affect credit scores.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Homeowners Ask

No, when you complete the prequalification form, lenders perform a "soft" credit inquiry. This allows you to compare lender offerings without affecting your credit score.

Yes, all 17 of Hearth's lenders have no pre-payment fees, which means you can pay back your loan before the end of its term at no additional cost.

An unsecured loan is not linked to a specific piece of property ("collateral") that the borrower agrees to give to the lender if the borrower does not pay back the loan. A secured loan, in contrast, always has some form of collateral, like a car or a house, of which the lender can take possession in the event of default.

Lenders look at many factors, including your credit history, current debt-to-income ratio, income, and expenses, in assessing your creditworthiness.

You can usually expect to receive your money in as little as one to five business days.

In most states, the minimum loan amount is $1,000, but we recommend requesting at least $2,000, as several of Hearth's lenders only make loans of $2,000 or greater.

Most of our lenders do not offer delayed funding, but please confirm with your chosen lender. For instance, at least one Hearth lender allows you to schedule the deposit 45 days after approval.

Yes, of course! Hearth's offers page will display a range of loan options, so you can choose to finance a lesser amount, the exact amount, or a higher amount so you can get the project and payments that best suit you.

Consider adding a co-borrower if you do not qualify for a loan or would like to see possibly lower APRs. You and the co-borrower would both sign the loan agreement and be liable for the loan.

Yes, Hearth's lending partners require that applicants provide information to prove the source of the income they state.

Yes, if you did not see offers, you can fill out the pre-qualification form again and add a co-borrower. Adding a co-borrower may help you qualify for a loan or qualify for lower interest rates.

60 Second Pre-Qualification

Get your project started as soon as possible by getting pre-qualified today.